Contact met CQPath

CQ path is part of ErasmusMC/ Josephine Nefkens Institute

The JNI brings under one roof various research groups working on molecular pathology of cancer from the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center (DDHCC) and the EUR together with the Department of Pathology of the University Hospital Rotterdam (UHR).

JNI is headed by: Prof. Dr. J.W. Oosterhuis

Expertise: pathology of germ cell tumours, soft tissue and bone tumours; Patho-biology of germ cell tumours. Member of the scientific board to fight cancer, Member of the signalling committee oncology of the KWF, chairman of the board federation of the medical scientific Association, Scientific director of the Dr. Daniel den Hoed Foundation, Scientific director of the research school Molecular Medicine Rotterdam/Leiden. Chairman of the EORTC Tumour Bank. Head of the department of pathology

CQ path team members are:

  • Elly M de Bruijn, chief technologist;
  • Marcel Kap, technologist/PhD student;
  • drs Arjan Veenman, business development;